Save Money On Your Home Heating Bill$

Ways to Save Money on Winter Heating Bills

1. Use a programmable thermostat. A programmable thermostat can help you save 10-20% on your energy bill year round. Program your heater to come on right before you wake up, cool down when you leave for work, warm up when you return from work, and go down again right before you go to bed. How much will it save you? You can save 1% off your heating bill for every degree you lower your thermostat over an 8 hour period. Many people can save enough money with their first month’s use to pay for the thermostat. Savings: 10-20% of your monthly energy bill. Contact J.H. Roberts, Inc. to discuss your options.

2. Change air filters. Clean air filters permit a better flow of air through your heating system, allowing hot air to more easily flow through the vents and into your rooms. You also reduce the strain on your furnace, which can extend its life. Change your air filter monthly, or whenever it is dirty. Bonus benefit – cleaner, healthier air!

3. Use fans to circulate air. Set your fan on low to circulate air upward toward the ceiling. This will force the warmer air that rises and gets trapped at the ceiling downward, leaving your house feeling warmer.

4. Keep vents and radiators clear. Ensure your vents are not blocked by rugs or furniture, or that you don’t have any large objects in front of your radiator. This allows the air to circulate freely and you to get the full benefit of the warm air and put less strain on your furnace. This is also safer!

5. Keep your ducts clean. Not only is dust an allergen, but it can also affect the functionality of your system. Clean ducts allow the air to flow freely into your rooms and promotes equal heat radiation. It is healthier too! J.H. Roberts, Inc. provides quality duct cleaning services.

6. Seal and insulate heating ducts. – Most ducts have small leaks that allow your heated air to slowly escape. Pay special attention to sections of ducting with kinks, bends, breaks, and disconnections. You can lose up to 60% of your heated air before it reaches the outlet if you have non-insulated ducts that travel through unheated spaces such as the attic or basement. Special duct insulation can help you retain heat and energy and save a lot of money over the long term. A quick service call can check for any leaks.

7. Humidifiers. Using a humidifier can reduce your heating costs because moist air retains heat better than dry air. There are other benefits to using a humidifier as well: they reduce static electricity (and annoying winter time shocks!), dry skin, and make it easier to breathe. We proudly install Aprilaire home humidifiers

If you feel your heating system is not working at it’s most efficient potential you may need service or a more energy efficient system upgrade. Contact J.H. Roberts, Inc. at (609) 693-2457 to discuss you options and schedule a technician to come out and evaluate your home.

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