Why You Should Move to a Tankless Water Heater

Reasons to go tankless

Saves space

It will save your space. You knew that right? But how much space, well traditional 50 gallon eats up 20 cubic feet but these tankless units are not bigger than a laptop sometimes even smaller so the space that is saved is nothing less than 12 cubic feet. And who couldn’t use a little more storage!

Saves electricity bill

Tankless heaters have self modulating technology. It has sensor which can sense the flow of water to a minimum activation rate and activate the heater upon reaching that level. So traditionally a burner will not be in action to keep tank full water hot round the clock.

Traditional heaters keep working even when you are not home, most tankless heaters have standby mode for idle hours when electric consumption are least. Or you can simply press the off button to completely shut it during vacations.

More energy efficient

According to ENERGY STAR® a regular family can save $100 or more per year if uses an ENERGY STAR qualified tankless water heater. At J. H. Roberts, we are installing quality Navien Combination boiler tankless water heaters.

A home that needs 41 gallon of water on daily basis can save 24%–34% energy if switch to tankless water heater. When a home owner installs a point of use system then more water and electricity is saved. This allows a home to enjoy 50%-60% more energy efficiency.

Longer life span

Many points’ works on favor of tankless water heater’s durability issue. Firstly they are in action for less time than a same sized traditional water heater. Many homes use tankless only for an hour or two on daily basis whereas tank heater has to work round the clock to keep the stored water hot or when the faucet is under use and tank is emptying. It is cycling on and off all the time.

Tank water heaters contain water along with its elements like calcium and magnesium. Hard water has these mineral even more after storing them for hours much of mineral go down to the bottom and pile up. This causes the tank to last less than the tankless.

Never run out of hot water

With tankless water heaters you do not have to fear when hot water may stop. Here hot water comes to you as long as your faucet is running in force. Whereas in tank water heater in times of high demand tank can go empty and need 10-15 minute for restoring and heating the water.

Increases resale value of home

Buying a tankless water heater and installing it is a costly business. This is why many people defer it. However the prospective home buyers and real estate agents are aware of it. In many cases they pose more value to a home with a tankless water heater than a home with a pool, because it has real purpose and use. According to the market a home with tankless water heater stands as a green home because they do not produce any green house gas. Also tankless water heater is one initial thing a buyer has to spend on. Because different size of home with different electric and wiring requirement needs different water heaters .So previous house’s water heater may not be moved. This is why buyers of a new home want to buy a home that already has a tankless water heater.

Claim tax refund

In many regions, going tankless not only increases home’s value it also gives the home owner a chance to claim a $300 federal tax refund!

When you are ready to go tankless, contact J. H. Roberts, Inc. to discuss your options! 

At Joseph H Roberts Inc provides installation and service of both traditional tank-style water heaters and modern tankless options, offering a wide range of high-grade products.  We specialize in Navien Condensing tankless water heaters, for quality you can trust.  These systems require very little space, eliminate standby energy losses, and avoid the potential absorption of minerals and contaminants. You’ll enjoy clean water at the ideal temperature.  There’s no waiting for water to heat up, no running out of hot water, and no fear of flooding due to a ruptured tank.  By taking advantage of a unique, stainless-steel condensing heat exchanger to trap condensation and reuse it, Navien Condensing tankless water heaters achieve up to 0.99 Energy Factor.

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