The Importance of A Properly-Installed HVAC Unit

If you’re a home owner or building manager considering getting a new HVAC unit installed keep in mind the importance of proper installation. A properly-installed HVAC unit can result in significant savings in energy, as well as optimal efficiency. Even a newer unit that utilizes state-of-the-art efficiency can further save you in energy costs if it’s optimally installed.

The Difference Installation Makes, Even With New, Energy-Efficient Units

Interestingly enough, how much you save, and how satisfied you are with your HVAC unit is not totally dependent on the unit itself. Hypothetically, you can have two identical houses, each having a different HVAC expert install the same unit, with dramatically different results in savings and satisfaction.

Why would one house, which is identical to the other and has an identical HVAC, have a much lower energy bill and higher efficiency? That would be because the unit in one house was better installed than the one placed in the other house.

In fact, according to Energy Star, even a cutting-edge, energy-efficient unit that’s improperly installed can reduce efficiency by upwards of 30 percent. That directly translates to a much higher energy bill, as well as significantly larger maintenance costs over the long term.

An HVAC unit should be an investment in convenience, not an expense. Always verify whether your prospective HVAC expert has the proper credentials and certifications, as well as any certificates of recognition or outstanding performance

At J .H. Roberts, Inc., our HVAC experts understand the difference that a well-installed unit can make. We are a certified Carrier installer, are licensed and insured with many satisfied customers. As a local family business we care about our reputation in our community and treat our customers like family. We are a certified Carrier installer. 

If you are considering a new quality installed HVAC installation, give us a call at (609) 693-2457 Check out our current offers!

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