5 Tips To Prepare Your HVAC System For Fall Labor Day seems to mark the unofficial end to summer – although we are all hoping for some bonus beach weekends ahead! The first day of autumn is Tuesday, September 22nd! … Continued

Salt Air and HVAC

Who doesn’t love our beautiful Jersey Shore! We know many of our customers have homes on one of our barrier islands. While most of us love the saltwater environment— as in sunsets over the ocean, walks on the beach, boats … Continued

The Importance of A Properly-Installed HVAC Unit

If you’re a home owner or building manager considering getting a new HVAC unit installed keep in mind the importance of proper installation. A properly-installed HVAC unit can result in significant savings in energy, as well as optimal efficiency. Even a newer … Continued

The Benefits of a Maintenance Service Agreement

The Benefits of a Maintenance Service Agreement What if – for a relatively small investment – you could save money, breathe cleaner air, enjoy increased safety and comfort in your home, and help the environment while boosting your overall peace … Continued

Smart Thermostats

Why You Should Get A Smart Thermostat Having a regular or manual thermostat to adjust the temperature in your home is good. It just so happens that having a smart thermostat is better. J. H. Roberts proudly installs Carrier smart … Continued

Why You Should Move to a Tankless Water Heater

Reasons to go tankless Saves space It will save your space. You knew that right? But how much space, well traditional 50 gallon eats up 20 cubic feet but these tankless units are not bigger than a laptop sometimes even … Continued

Save Money On Your Home Heating Bill$

Ways to Save Money on Winter Heating Bills 1. Use a programmable thermostat. A programmable thermostat can help you save 10-20% on your energy bill year round. Program your heater to come on right before you wake up, cool down … Continued

5 Ways Your HVAC System Can Help Reduce Allergens

Allergens can be a nightmare. Itchy, watery eyes, congestion, and coughing can keep you up all night and make you miserable all day. But while you’re likely to blame pollen and other allergens outdoors, your home heating, ventilation, and air … Continued

HVAC System Maintenance Tips for Pet Owners

Owning a pet is a rewarding experience. Pets offer companionship and unconditional love. As a pet owner, it’s your job to provide your animal with a safe and loving home environment. This means you need to put in a little … Continued

3 Reasons To Get A HVAC Tune-Up This Fall

Fall is the perfect time to get your home winter ready with a professional HVAC tune-up. It’s officially fall! Football, sweater weather and pumpkin flavored everything is here. Nights are getting cooler and you’ll be turning your heating system on … Continued