Furnace Air Filters: A Crucial Thing To Replace

Spring is already here, which means summer is right around the corner! After several months of being inside due to colder temperatures, your furnace has likely been working overtime to keep your space heated.

Little do you and the residents of your home know that your furnace filter does a lot for keeping your household healthy, the air fresh, and the mechanics of your system running smoothly. Especially during those cold month stretches, your air filtration is paramount in sanitizing the air you breathe.

As the weather warms up, it is paramount that you switch your furnace’s air filter for a new one. Why exactly? Joseph H. Roberts, a trusted HVAC repair, installation, and inspection team based in Forked River, New Jersey, has the answers! Check out the top six reasons to change your HVAC air filter below.

Reasons To Change Your Air Filter

Maintain Home Air Quality – Furnace air filters catch nearly everything during flu season, but if the filter has better days, some microbes re-enter your air through your system. This increases the risk of allergies and illness in off-times of the year.

Preserve HVAC Unit Life – Dirty air filters make HVAC systems work harder during all seasons. Over time, this causes tremendous strain on your system’s internal components, causing them to short out and your system to fail during extreme temperature swings.

Fire and Carbon Monoxide Prevention – While having fire and monoxide detectors in your home certainly provides you and your family protection, a clean air filter in your furnace reduces the risk of those events. Dirty filters can catch fire, and if your system malfunctions, even carbon monoxide leaks could occur.

Energy Cost Reduction – Bring down those bills in winter and summer with a fresh air filter! This concept goes hand-in-hand with extending your HVAC unit’s longevity in that the system doesn’t have to work as hard to do its job, lowering your monthly cost.

Prevent Infestations – Microscopic bugs thrive in dirty air filters. Now imagine having fresh air blowing through their habitat and into your bedroom. Solve the problem of small insect infestation by removing their dirty living environment.

Increase System Efficiency – Price and lifespan aside, your system should be keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Air filters clogging up the airflow create the illusion of a weak system when in reality, it is working harder to push warm or cool air through a dust screen.

Keeping Your HVAC System Operating Properly

Despite how attentive you are at changing your air filters as the summer months approach, there is always the occasion when your system has trouble. Joseph H. Roberts has a professional in-house HVAC inspection team ready to help give you advice about routine maintenance and for at-home repairs as needed.


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